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How does fasting affect mental performance?
Why do actors become physically sick before a performance?

I have noticed an usual side effect relating to mental performance when fasting.

Periodically I do a 3 day fast for health reasons to give my immune system a chance to strengthen itself for personal healing.
The unusual result was that my mental performance was enhanced during these times.
During my leisure hours I participate in amateur trap shooting and noticed that my scores were much better when I was fasting.
I assume this would be the reason that actors become physically sick from nervousness before a performance as this is the bodies way of tuning the mind to get the maximum performance.
While I am on these fasts I hydrate constantly so this is also a factor in mental performance enhancement.

I do not recommend fasting unless you have your doctors approval after a through medical examination.
<![CDATA[Is Alcohol Becoming a Problem?]]>Fri, 24 Feb 2017 15:45:05 GMThttp://thewill-fullmind.com/blog/is-alcohol-becoming-a-problemDoes your social life revolve around alcohol? Does your job require you to socially drink to gain rapport with your clients? Is your hard earned money being consumed by the bottle? Would it be nice to simply reduce or eliminate alcohol from your life entirely?

If you are an intelligent and creative person Hypnosis may be an option to reduce your alcohol consumption. Now with that being said if you are an all-out alcoholic with an extreme drinking problem your health, relationship, and financial well being are at stake, a drinking abstinence program is in order such as Alcohol Anonymous.

Hypnosis can help a heavy drinker reduce or eliminate his or her consumption of alcohol by addressing the reasons for drinking and making the emotional changes in the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is where all of our decisions are made. The hypnotist can help the client develop the confidence to face social situations or reduce the stress of our hectic lives and there by eliminating the need for the alcoholic distraction.

The hypnotist can use such tools such as regression to help the client discover the reasons for excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Then use a variety of creative visualizations to discover what an Alcohol Free live-style would be like.

To discover if you are a candidate for a hypnotic alcohol program in the Burlington Ontario area contact The Will-Full Mind Hypnosis for a free assessment and I can answer your questions. Call/Text: 289-440-6037 E-mail: wyacobucci@gmail.com

<![CDATA[How Hypnosis can help make you look and feel younger!]]>Mon, 23 Jan 2017 11:24:36 GMThttp://thewill-fullmind.com/blog/how-hypnosis-can-help-make-you-look-and-feel-youngerPicture
Hypnosis is a powerful natural state, which relaxes you deeply. It accesses the part of your mind below your conscious level of awareness where changes happen.  It is similar to meditation in that you have a stronger internal focus and is a 100 per cent natural state, which processes changes in your beliefs and feelings. Hypnosis stimulates your imagination with pictures and sensory experiences to cross over into your unconscious brain and see and feel yourself as younger.

Psychologist Robert Morgan (with whom we are not affiliated) recounts one small controlled experiment.

In his book Training the Time Sense: Hypnosis and Conditioning.

 Dr. Morgan writes: 

“Three weeks after the hypnotic session the whole group retook the AGE test (designed to assess how their bodies were aging). The members of the control group showed modest changes in body age. No subject's score differed more than four points from her first score, and some of them tested 'older.' But every member of the hypnotized group enjoyed a drop in body age, from three to 18 years. The median drop was 11 years.”

Although the test group was small of only 19 women it seems consistent with my observations in my office.

Motivational Hypnosis is just the first step to taking back your youth by utilizing the mind body connection.

Just imagine what it would feel like to turn back the clock just by changing your unconscious mind to develop a new younger lifestyle? 

Willis Yacobucci

The Will-Full Mind Hypnosis

Burlington Ontario

<![CDATA[How Does Hypnosis Control Pain?]]>Sat, 30 Jul 2016 13:15:10 GMThttp://thewill-fullmind.com/blog/how-does-hypnosis-control-painPicture
How does Hypnosis Control Pain?

You have seen extreme Yoga practitioners do it, pass large needles through their body parts with no pain and no bleeding.  You have read how people under hypnosis can undergo dental procedures with no pain medication of any type.  People with chronic pain seem to be able to reduce their suffering significantly utilizing hypnotic techniques and in some cases actually speed the bodies healing process.  HOW DO THEY DO THAT??????

The process is actually very simple, by using a mindfulness relaxation discipline such as hypnosis a person is able to reduce their blood pressure to area of the body and make it go numb.  Much the same as when you fall asleep on your arm the wrong way and cut the circulation off and the arm goes numb.  This permits such procedures such as dental surgery to be carried out without pain and very little bleeding.

When it comes to such things as back pain the more it hurts the more the muscles tighten up and more irritation occurs.  Usually a muscle relaxant drug is used to help reduce the irritation allowing the body to help repair itself.  By using hypnosis a person is able to accomplish this relaxation with a mindfulness practice and reduce the pain without introducing any drugs.

After major surgery such as joint replacement or recovery from an accident the rehabilitation exercises are usually very painful and create major emotional crisis for a person interfering with such things as sleep and concentration.  Hypnosis can be used to reduce the emotional burden to allow the client to sleep and relax which will in effect, speed up their healing time significantly.  This is accomplished by reducing the person’s anxiety and allowing the body to heal faster while carrying out their rehab exercises.

How do I know this?  Besides observing my clients accomplishing this, I have also experienced this for myself.  A few years ago I severely burnt my hand on my wood burning stove and was prescribed T3 pain killers to allow me to sleep.  I was also advised that I would have to go for plastic surgery and physio therapy because the pain would be too intense for me to move my hand.  I utilized the Hypnotic pain control techniques with the use of no pain meds including the T3’s.. I was able to sleep and exercise my hand to maintain its mobility and increase the circulation to speed the healing process.  Three weeks to the day of the accident ,I went for my appointment with the plastic surgeon.  He was amazed that I had more flexibility in my burnt hand than my undamaged hand.  The surgeon at that point sent me back to work with no surgery. 


<![CDATA[Remember to take care of yourself first so you can be a more effective care giver!]]>Thu, 21 Jul 2016 19:16:02 GMThttp://thewill-fullmind.com/blog/remember-to-take-care-of-yourself-first-so-you-can-be-a-more-effective-care-giverPicture
Remember to take care of yourself first so you can be a more effective care giver!

Have you ever been in the position as the care giver and found yourself frustrated, emotionally drained, exhausted and simply at your wits end?  You know you have done all you can and yet the situation is still out of your control. 

One of my personal health care professionals has been care giving for a close relative entering into a critical stage with their health challenges.  In casual conversation with him I discovered the emotional strain he was under.

During my appointment I left my health care professional with a waking suggestion to make sure he made himself the priority so he could be more effective in his care giving.  Given his emotional state, this was very easy to instill in his sub-conscious mind

To my surprise at the next appointment  he thanked me , telling me that as he was dealing with his family situation he could still hear my voice in the back of his mind reminding him to take care of himself!

How did I know the power of suggestion, when applied properly could be so effective in reducing stress in personal situations?

I WALK THE TALK!  As a professional hypnotist I have found self-hypnosis and unconscious suggestion invaluable in reducing my personal stress and helping to  maintain my personal health.  I too, am facing a similar situation as my youngest son is currently battling Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Willis Yacobucci CH

Phone #289-440-6037

<![CDATA[Hypno-Fit]]>Mon, 20 Jun 2016 12:13:21 GMThttp://thewill-fullmind.com/blog/hypno-fitHow Hypnosis can assist with your weight management journey.
<![CDATA[Being Receptive]]>Tue, 12 Apr 2016 16:38:29 GMThttp://thewill-fullmind.com/blog/being-receptivePicture
Being Receptive

Many people have heard the myth debunked that you have to be especially gullible in order to be able to by hypnotized.  The truth of the matter is that you need to simply be receptive to the idea.  Hypnosis is a willing state- a place of heightened awareness.  In order to be receptive to this state, you must be able to be comfortable and relaxed.  You should be willing to trust both yourself and your therapist.  And you should be willing to stop trying to consciously control your thoughts and feelings.
Do you remember pretending to be asleep when you were a child – possibly because a parent had come to check on you – and then fallen asleep as a result of pretending?  For those who are nervous about being hypnotized, this is key – simply keep relaxing the body, calming the mind, and focusing as you're directed.  Before you know it, you'll realize that the state of awareness known as hypnosis is a very comfortable one – you may have even felt like that before!

This is a wonderful article from Roc Hypnosis
ROC Hypnosis 
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<![CDATA[Sports Hypnosis for Trap Shooting Enhacement]]>Wed, 16 Mar 2016 14:02:41 GMThttp://thewill-fullmind.com/blog/sports-hypnosis-for-trap-shooting-enhacementPicture
Are you Fed-up with that annoying Flinch!

Hypnosis can help reduce the unconsciousness habits that annoy the trap shooter and impact their scores.
If you are a competitor and you need that little edge to get into the zone, hypnosis training can help through improved mental visualization and focus.  You are able to practice controlling distractions without having to be on the firing line and burning shells.

Of-coarse there is no substitute for practice but when you hit the wall and practice does not seem to improve those mental habits, that is when hypnosis comes into play.

Golfers, Fighters, Team Sports of all types use this on a regular basis.


<![CDATA[What is Hypnosis]]>Mon, 25 Jan 2016 20:09:45 GMThttp://thewill-fullmind.com/blog/what-is-hypnosis1
<![CDATA[Hypnosis applications for the Cancer Client]]>Fri, 04 Dec 2015 15:25:42 GMThttp://thewill-fullmind.com/blog/hypnosis-applications-for-the-cancer-clientHypnosis in Cancer
Hypnosis is not a replacement for traditional medical caner therapy!

With that being said hypnosis can be a wonderful complement to help the client through their medical therapy.  Hypnosis can be used to reduce the emotional distress involved in the diagnosis of this disease, also manage the chemo-therapy side effects, while developing manageable sleep habits and thought clarity.

Hypnosis can also be used for pain management under the approval of the clients health care Professional.

By changing the clients distressed outlook and develop a positive relaxed positive demure the cancer sufferer can help to change their body chemistry from the acidic "fight or flight mode" to an alkaline "relaxed positive mode" to help speed their healing process.

What is this ALKALINE mode?
Here is a link to a cancer prevention article describing an ALKALINE diet.